Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shall We Dance?

N spent much of this weekend dancing.
Sorry for the bad lighting... someday I'll figure photography out.

It Gets Better

Current weather: 103 degrees, "blowing dust".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sudan and Myanmar

I met a woman at the park today who is from Sudan. Her husband works for the embassy here. There is a family that lives close to us that is from Myanmar, also working for the embassy.

I don't know quite what to say when I find out these basic facts. How do they land government jobs that take them out of country? Does that mean that they are complicit? Or does it just mean they saw an opportunity out and they took it? How many times do you think I have to make small talk before I can ask how they feel about their government?

Widespread Dust

That's the weather description for Delhi on yahoo weather today. 95 degrees, widespread dust.

Dusty is a weather condition. Who knew?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What do you do...

when your 18 month old throws one of your sassiest (which doesn't take much in my wardrobe) high heels into the toilet?

when you are in the car with your driver and you realize that after the prized afternoon nap, you put your shirt on inside out?

It was one of those days...

Travelogue Nepal

So, I feel that my blog has gotten rather run of the mill (maybe it always was, but I flatter myself to think that my early entries were a bit wittier than those of late). Recently, I've tended towards travel and "aren't my kids cute" entries, which really aren't that interesting. So I wasn't going to post about our spring break trip, but it really was fabulous and so here it is:

We went to Nepal to do some hiking and spent a day in Kathmandu. Yeah, Kathmandu (as a kid it always fit in my mind with Timbuktu. Is it real? Where?). I was overwhelmed by the idea of planning and executing a family hiking trip to a foreign country so we had Crystal Mountain Treks arrange our trip for us. Here's my little plug: We were really happy with them. The guides and porters were excellent. The whole trip felt very individualized and we got lots of personal attention.

We spent three days hiking near the Annapurna Mountains, a day in Pokhara, and a day in Kathmandu. The day we arrived, and the first day we spent hiking, the mountains were completely obscured by the clouds. But then it rained, hailed even, and the result was beautiful mountain views. The boys were good sports, S transported himself almost the whole way, and N was pretty agreeable about spending so much time in the carrier.

Once again, there are labels, click on the bottom corner to view them.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Being ahead puts us behind

Since we're so far ahead of mountain time, we missed general conference this weekend. The plan is to show it taped next week. It felt strange though to just have regular Sunday meetings. I really missed it.

And I can't believe it's been six months since last conference, when we last saw all our family. We miss you guys!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Typical Wednesday

Lest you begin to think that the typical Saturday is a typical Indian day, and since my last few posts have been along seriously so blessed lines, I bring you the typical Wednesday:

N wakes up far too early. The driver calls to say he has a family emergency and he has to go to his village. I'm ponder what this really means (since last time it meant, "I quit") and figure out how I'm going to get S to school. I ponder in the shower since I can hear myself think there, even though N is crying at the door, when the water slows first to a cold trickle and then completely stops. Sometimes you get the soap off, sometimes you don't. Later, I find N at the computer:

Then we have lunch:
Seriously, would 45 more minutes in the morning be too much to ask?
Once he wakes up again, it's...No, don't hit your brother. No, you can't stand in the pans you've taken from the cupboard (remember no dishwasher and inside shoes). No, you can't play with the outlets.
I've had enough nos, by the time we get to food therapy, I throw caution to the wind and hope that salmonella isn't related to lack of refrigeration. Yes! You can lick the beater . See... Indian Wednesdays are pretty much like your Wednesdays.