Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Party

We did a combined birthday party for my boys this year. It was supposed to be N's turn but since he wasn't too pleasant on his actual birthday,
I decided three-year-olds aren't ready for mass present reception and we went with the combined party, no gifts.
Since we have so many boxes I decided we'd build a box city at the party. This is part of the reason I couldn't just call it off after N's shenanigans at the family party. This was the perfect plan to re-use my boxes (and be forgiven by mother earth for the carbon footprint of those pants...maybe).
Pre-party, land development, - with cousin D
Cousin D really got into the whole thing
Creating the building of their choice
The nice thing about moving so much, is that you only have to be slightly creative once, then you can do it over and over...
N loved using the glue
city at completion
It really got fun when we pulled the basket of matchbox cars out.

Defending the Galaxy (again)

I made my boys use the same costumes as last year (they were great costumes), plus we had an important addition:

Nacho is a lot easier to throw together than Chewbacca

A full range of anticipatory emotions

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes I Worry

Sometimes I worry:
that I'm doing this parenting thing all wrong
that the tone in our voices and in our house is too critical
that I spend too much time organizing and cleaning and party planning
that while I worry, I don't seem to be able to change

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Posting on My Mind

Frequently things happen and I think: I've got to blog about that. The last few weeks have been filled with such moments. Here they are all at once, pace yourself:

Oct. 7 - Biggest D@&! Carbon Footprint
I unpacked a pair of pants I bought from Old for S before we left for India, not realizing that clothes are cheap there. They never fit him while we were there so I packed them in our shipment, not realizing it would be a year before we saw those things again. I looked at them today: Made in India. Which means that $7 pair of pants were made in India shipped to the US, flown back to India, packed, stored, and shipped back to the US. Now they are too small. Sorry Mother Earth.

Oct. 4 - Greatest Friends Ever
A number of my friends from Dallas helped me pack up (nearly two and a half years ago now!). The messages they left on the boxes had me laughing all day. AND MISSING THEM!

Oct. 3 - Ah, General Conference Weekend

We love General Conference Weekend

Oct. 1 - We Did It!

We closed yesterday!

Which means our last 11 months of living like this:

Are pretty much over. Thank goodness for the minivan, eh?
Sept 26 - Fall

We are between houses. My mother in law sold her house, and so, she was finally able to get us out of her basement. Our new house is under contract and we are waiting for it to close. We should be moving in Oct. 1!! In the meantime we are living in the family cabin. It's about a 45 minute drive to school and work and I was kind of dreading these two weeks, but it's been beautiful and quite relaxing.

Sept. 23 - Baby J

Sept. 14 - My Condolences to Facebook
Facebook here I come. I got a new job at church, I'm going to be working with the teenage girls. I didn't like teenage girls when I was a teenage girl (my mom says that's not that unusual and that's part of the problem with teenage girls). So, it looks like to communicate with them I'll have to get a facebook account. Of course, they are likely to doubt my cred, what with my brandspankin' new account and all.
As I've shared, I'm about the latest adopter around and my joining/buying/using usually coincides nicely with the sharp decline in popularity of said fad. My condolences to facebook. Good thing they got the movie out when they did.
Don't bother looking for me yet, I haven't even had a chance to blog over the last few weeks.