Friday, May 20, 2011

Reaching for a blogburn post...

Do three unrelated thoughts, a blog post make?

Marital bliss = two copies of The Economist

Tonight when making cookies, I finished off the eggs, the oatmeal, two bags of chocolate chips, the box of butter, the baking soda, and a tupperware of walnuts. Exact quantities called for in the recipe. How cool is that? I love completeness.

I also mowed the grass this evening, which I haven't done in a LONG time. I really enjoyed it. Outside, the smell of the grass mixed with the smell of fuel... All that time with your thoughts, no one can interrupt, it's too loud to hear them if they try. I recently realized that in the last couple of places I've lived, I haven't known anyone that does their own yard work, here I don't know anyone who does not.

Quote of last week : I helped Dad lawn the grass! - N after following Phil around with his toy lawn mower for over an hour, as Phil mowed.