Sunday, July 11, 2010

Realtors! Honestly!

So, it looks like we're gonna take the plunge, you know the big one, the one we've so far avoided in our nine years of marriage. A house.
Somewhere in all the rentals and sublets we've gone and gotten all opinionated, which it turns out, makes it difficult to find something that we like. We went out with a realtor on Friday. Not my mother in laws realtor, his name is Jim Shorts. I can't even say it without laughing, how could I make serious decisions about my families home and financial future with Jim Shorts? If the Simpson's ever sold their house they'd list it with Jim Shorts.
No, not Jim, another realtor who took me to a few places I asked to see and a few of her listings. Nothing doing. Then we started discussing lots and building and she told us about a beautiful 3 acre parcel with a beautiful view she's just listed. It's out of town a ways. We drive out there. It did have a beautiful view, once you looked over the freeways and past the train tracks and turned your back on the substation. No joke. Three acres sandwiched between a freight train spur, the freeway and the regular tracks, bordered to the south by a electrical substation. Oops, I guess I just forgot to mention those drawbacks?