Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Over

This morning we woke up to this:

What? Where did fall go? A reminder that much of life seems to just be rushing by, with little introspection or reflection here recently, and not nearly enough laughing at myself.
S turned eight (EIGHT!) recently. He got baptized this weekend. It was a beautiful day, with three grandma's: two of his, one of mine; a granddad, a few aunts and uncles, lots of cousins, and some friends.

Quote of the week nomination: "Is the lunch just for family? Or can friends come too?" - Neighbor girl, as I'm trying to figure out how thin the post-baptism luncheon soup can reasonably be.

And Halloween? I never shared my Halloween masterpiece with the world... (Okay, make that Blogburn readership, which is at this point, what? Carrie?)

J was a parrot, to N's pirate. I was feeling pretty creative until we got in line at the costume contest behind another pirate/parrot pair.

So, Goodbye Fall. Wow. Look at those pumpkins! All from our garden, another feat of fall gone by.