Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, traveling with children... is it worth it? I think this is the first of our travels that I would consider "traveling with children." Up until now it's really been traveling with baby. But somewhere between last years Alaska trip and now, S has gone and gotten all opinionated. He has figured out how to make museum trips and the walking around tourism (the stuff that I enjoy) quite painful for all involved. Am I giving up? No. Am I slowing down? Making some allowances? Yes.

We have yet to hit one of the museums in DF on my extensive list but yesterday we went to the Zoo. Have I ever gone to a zoo while outside of the US? No. I mean animals in captivity are animals in captivity. Plus having grown up with the San Diego Zoo as my "home" zoo, I guess I've figured why bother. But there is a zoo within walking distance of our place and it's free. That combination is pretty much irresistible to this Blackburn household.

Free for us, though there was a charge for using the bathroom, a map, some of the indoor exhibits. I would have forked it out for a map, highly useful item those maps, but the place that sold the maps was closed. Chalk that one up to cultural differences, zoo open, McDonald's open, guys selling little plastic toys open, face painting booth open, map vendor closed.

We had a great time, and I only occasionally felt like we were one of the exhibits. I noticed that we got more attention when we were between exhibits, for the most part the animals seemed to hold the zoo attending publics attention. And quite the public it was. It was packed (duh, free, summertime, easily accessible, city of 19 million people, a winning combination for more than just me it seems). You should have seen S snake his way through the crowds to front row viewing sites. He came home especially enamored with the prairie dog. Yes, that's right, not the Panda Bear, two humped camel, or even the anaconda, the humble prairie dog. Okay.

Oh, and he's doing much better with school this week. Thanks for the suggestions and concern.

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Brenny said...

Prarie dogs were his favorite. Classic. A free zoo? With a panda bear? Wow. That is actually really cool.