Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free Trade

I'm a committed free trader, but I do have some questions about the particulars.

Yesterday I bought some green grapes at the supermarket. They came in the customary little bag with holes (what is that all about anyway? air flow keeps them fresh?) and clearly marked on the side was "Product of the USA." If I remember correctly it seems that when I buy grapes in Dallas, they usually say "Product of Mexico" or Chile (that must be in the winter). Why are my grapes crisscrossing all over the western hemisphere? Well okay, North America? Seasonal differences I can understand. And maybe that's all it is... but how am I supposed to assuage my green guilt?

And what about washing them? Here I dutifully soak all my fruits and vegetables in an antibacterial solution. But not when I'm in the US. Do I need to soak grapes that came from the US? And what is it about crossing the US border that makes produce safe to eat? Maybe it's just the water. Maybe I'm using the water to wash off the dirt (like in the US) and the antibacterial drops to "wash off" the unsafe water?

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Amy said...

Don't tell anyone, but I usually forget to wash my produce before I eat it, and so far I haven't suffered any ill effects. I'll probably get cancer from pesticides later in life though.