Saturday, July 19, 2008

Highlights of Mexico

It seems that S has been dominating my blog and I've gotten some emails filled with questions about N. He is doing well, seems to be enjoying life here quite a bit. So, here's Mexico from his perspective:

Just when I was figuring out where everything was in my house in Dallas, my family up and moved. Some of my favorite things about Mexico are
Wires everywhere! Que suerte! There were some little nails holding this in place, ha! And look at that paint! Sure to be filled with lead, I'll check back later.
Does your house have one of these? Absolutely perfect for pulling myself up.
Quick! Look innocent, they've got that camera out again. While I pose, check out the electrical sockets and telephone wires behind me. Patience. I'll get my chance.

And the not so good...

This is my view from the diaper changing station. You'd think that blue color would be soothing, huh? I've spent far too much time here, traveling does strange things to my tummy.


Hammy said...

Thanks, cute Baby N, it is fun to see the world through your eyes. I especially loved the way you hammed it up for the camera.

Brenny said...

That was great! and such a cute kiddo. My favorite was the view from the changing table, although the reason he is on there so much is rotten...