Monday, July 7, 2008

Life takes... ingenuity

There is just something that I really enjoy about being able to see the ingenuity that life takes sometimes. So, I know that I said my apartment is nice, and it is, but it's also quite old and in Mexico city. So here are a couple of illustrations of the ingenuity that I find charming, but I know many people would not.
The top photo is of my bathroom, the white pipe on the side? That's where the water from the washing machine drains. The first night we were here we were startled by the sound of gushing water and rushed to find this. I've only forgotten once and had a load going during shower time.
The second is my towel rack. It's great because it is exactly as long as fits on the wall. No wasted space.
Another moment of ingenuity I've noticed (but don't have a picture of) is the taxi drivers pushing their cars forward one spot after the first one in line gets a job and speeds off.


Hammy said...

I LOVE the drain! That is completely practical. Now if they could make the lint trap empty directly into the garbage can.

TX Girl said...

I would regularly forget about the whole drain in the shower if I lived there. At least you weren't taking a bath. Gross.