Friday, November 14, 2008

The Price is Wrong

I suck at The Price is Right - India.

Honey Nut Cheerios: 375 Rupees
Pineapple: 31 Rupees
Little pack of cookies: 15 Rupees
Half kilo of coriander: 72 Rupees
Mac 'n' Cheese: 152 Rupees
Exchange rate: about 49 Rupees to the Dollar

There aren't very many grocery stores here. There are tons of little shops. Someone will deliver anything you want right to your door. You just have to figure out who to call... and what the appropriate price should be, and negotiate with them... in Hindi. The result? When I'm shopping in the closest four aisle grocery store, where one whole isle is spices, and N is pulling things off shelves on both sides as we go (yes both sides at the same time, which he can reach from the cart) and I see mac 'n' cheese (=something my kids will eat) I buy it, and I look at the price later.


Brenny said...

Sometimes it pays to buy Mac and Cheese... Crazy! Such an eye opening experience. Thanks for sharing.

steve & kim said...

Oh my! A pineapple for less than a dollar! Mac and Cheese for 3! CRAZY!

Hammy said...

Note to self: put some good packaged foods in Kathryn's Christmas box.

Josh n Amanda said...

Ouch! I would be in a world of hurt without "yellow noodles" with are Zach's favorite. I hope you keep figuring things out. Just remind your husband what a great wife you are... I am not sure this wife would do that!

Nana said...

Yep, some quick calculations change the "value" of our foods. Mac N Cheese becomes a delicacy, and pineapple a cheap commodity. Glad to know, for Sam's sake, that you can still get some familiar fixins, even if at a price. Glad to hear you are settling in (somewhat).

TX Girl said...

Wow. Now I feel even worse that my girlfriend had a 6 pack of Diet Coke for me when I arrived.

Don't worry- your Dallas sisters will take care of you.

Mrs. Smith said...

I knew India was getting to me when I agreed to pay $7 for a jar of American peanutbutter!