Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ever the Tourist

Everyone keeps asking for pictures. I'm sure what they are looking for is proof of the craziness. I have had trouble getting those kinds of pictures. I can't bring myself to take pictures of women waiting in line to fill their water containers from the water tanker trucks that bring water to the squatter camps. Nor can I snap a shot of women carrying piles of bricks or twigs on their heads. And as for unbelievable loads piled precariously on rickshaws, or trucks overloaded with goods and people, I'm just not fast enough. You see it, you marvel, you think where's my camera, and they're gone. So, my post contains the typical tourist stuff... sorry, sort of.

This weekend, we climbed the tower at Jama Masjid, India's largest mosque, in Old Delhi.

From there, you can get a good look at traffic.
Sometimes our electricity goes out... This was taken in Old Delhi this weekend.

Doors in Old Delhi
Humayun's Tomb
Some repair work being done at Humayun's Tomb.


TX Girl said...

So they wouldn't let us climb up the mosque in Old Delhi, because we did not have a man with us, and there was NO WAY I was asking some random person to do it.

Did you wander down the Chandni Chowk? At the end is this amazing perfume shop where they will mix perfume just for you. I bought sandlewood and clay when I was there (I know crazy, but sooo good and not fruity.) It is very cool.

Mary said...

auhhh. It makes my heart hurt to read this.