Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last weekend we went to Qutb Minar. There is still a long list of sights in Delhi that we haven't seen. We've been saving them for when we have visitors, but we're starting to despair of ever getting any... well at least when I'm willing to go outside (the weather's been perfect the last few weeks).

Why yes, it is the worlds tallest brick minaret.

Some "snaps" of N, since it's been a while since he made a Blogburn appearance. And one of the random guy below. There were a couple of women in fabulous sarees posing here. We asked them if we could take a picture as well and the man below (who was accompanying them) said no, but we could take one of him... um... okay...

Phil and I went to an event at the school last weekend, which was Indian Dress, so here we are:
This weekend we're invited to an Indian wedding. Cool.


TX Girl said...

Y'all look AWESOME. You always look beautiful in red.

Glad you are seeing the sites around Delhi. Sorry you haven't had any visitors, but really- do you blame us?

ps. we got your sweet package and I've been distributing. Sorry I didn't get you the pic of the photo album. By the time I got my computer working again, Phil was already America bound.

TX Girl said...

Also, N is sooo cute. I just want to squeeze him and Lulu just asked when S is coming back. According to Olive "they are on a trip and will be coming back." hmmm

turleybenson said...

Just wanted to mention again that I am constantly in awe of your life.

Also, you look GORGEOUS! as are your little boys.

And a question. I was recently in Dsllas and trying to remember the name of that Middle Eastern (or was it Greek?) place we used to eat. Was it Ali Baba?

A Few Tacos Shy... said...

You look gorgeous! What a perfect color on you! I wish I weren't a poor student because I would visit you in a heartbeat!!!

Hammy said...

Awesome pictures. Good for you guys for buying some native clothes. And you look fantastic. N is super cute.

I was planning to call you and thank you for the fun goodies, but things are slightly crazy here. I'll try to get to it in the next day or two.

M said that if S didn't come back soon that she isn't going to marry him. You may want to keep that in mind. . .

Anonymous said...

Well, how silly you must feel now, complaining about marble and the electricity, seeing what a hottie your are in your exquisite sari. Where else on earth would you have had the occasion to wear such a delicious outfit??? I'm telling you - sizzle!!! Oh, and Phil is ok, too.

Worth the trip to India just for that photo. When you are 80, your kids will pull out that photo, and they will go, "Man, my mom was SMOKIN' hot!!!"

Love ya!


ps - the magic password so I could post is chylin, as in "I'm just chillin' in India in my hot sari."

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, it is a dang good thing you chose that rug, because it just sets that sari on FIRE!!!


Amy said...

I've often wondered if Indian kids here in the Bay Area have "American dress" days. Jeans? T-shirts?

Nana said...
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Nana said...
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Brenny said...

You look great! The other pictures are beautiful as always. Good to see N again -- he is getting to be such a little kid. I just keep thinking what a neat experience this is for your family.

Noelle said...

i love n. he's my favorite cherubic baby - who's apparently not a baby anymore by the look of those pics!

also, random guy? hilarious.

and the indian dress - loving it!!! i love indian dress! so lucky. can't wait for the pics of the indian wedding... you know one of my favorite movies is bride and prejudice. ha.

The Editor said...

I've always thought that saris make women look like goddesses. You've proven me right once again. It looks like you're getting a bit more settled there in Delhi. Wish we could visit but the Mister is pretty involved and hard to tear away.

You know you did the right thing with that carpet, right?

Keep posting, you exotic thing you. Nice to see Phil in a spiffy kurta as well. ENJOY your life! We love reading about your adventures.