Monday, February 16, 2009

Chalk it up to culture?

Or does that make me some sort of prejudice? Here's a few confusing/frustrating, possibly cultural, experiences:
Last week our driver told me one evening that he had a family emergency and he was going to have to go to the village for a week or so. He introduced me to a substitute driver (who incidentally didn't speak English nor know his way around Delhi, but that's another story). He has not come back. We had our help, Christina, ask around. He got another (much better paying) job. I'm glad, I don't feel that he owed us anything (Phil's work hires the car company, the car company hires him)... except maybe honesty. I can't figure out why he would tell us that story? What does he gain by it?

Today I took the boys to the zoo. As I got in the 10 person line to buy tickets, I noticed that there were no other women. None. On a Monday afternoon. I get in line with N, in stroller, S, and one of S's friends. We're moving along just fine, until a man behind me starts saying stuff to me. No idea what he's saying, I say, "I'm sorry I don't understand." The man in front of me translates, "He says you should wait over there." As he gestures to the side. "Why?" "Because you are disturbing the line." Then, the man behind me, and the man behind him, push past me. It took a lot of restraint on my part not to shove them as they went by. A lot.

& Mormon
I recently started teaching the teenage girls at church. I think it's a pretty good gig as far as church jobs go. I'm supposed to teach twice a month, and the girls in our branch are a good bunch. But I am a little irritated with the manual. It's not real solid in the scripture department. So far, I haven't felt that there's a whole lot of the "meat" of the gospel in the lessons. Then the last lesson was on homemaking.

I met my all around domestic helper (I can't quite figure out how to refer to her) through church. She calls me Sister Kathryn. It startles me every time. It make me feel old. Like Emma Smith old.

Sorry for the series of posts with no pictures. And yes, I did just mention my driver AND my maid. At some point I'll get around to a post defending why I need all the help.


Anonymous said...

So, your driver quit and lied about it. You can't get into the zoo because you're a woman, and you can't teach the gospel because the group you're teaching is female?

Are we having fun yet???

At least you got a good rug.


A Few Tacos Shy... said...

I teach in YW too and I totally agree, the manuals are outdated and rather lame. The church website has links to extras you can use to supplement and replace some of the lame stories (Young women resource guide). Hope that helps. And don't feel bad about having a driver and a maid. It helps you stay sane and helps people have jobs. Win-win.

Elizabeth said...

My Mom has the same sort of stories. Is there too much dust for one woman to handle?

Amy said...

These make great stories, but I'm glad you're living them and I just get to hear about them.

Molly said...

Wow, your zoo story was shocking. And please don't ever feel like you have to explain yourself about having a driver and maid. Just enjoy!

Keri said...

Enjoy the help while you can get it...

Joe said...

stop disturbing the line, Kathryn!

Shannon said...

I was just thinking today that I wanted to try to find a current email address for you to see what you are up to when I stumbled upon your blog through Brenda's blog via Tiffany's blog. If you get a minute, send me your address cagirlinnc at

India, huh? You guys are so adventurous!

Noelle said...

wait... i'm still laughing about the emma smith old comment. as for the egotistical men in line, you so should have shoved them.

indians, mormons... what's wrong with humanity in general, you know!?! that's what i ask myself all the time. :) but yeah, those homemaking lessons. let's just say i never got around to the testimony-bearing part of those lessons.