Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trying not to let it go to my head

I got my invitation today, to the Carbon County Republican Party, Nominating Convention 2012.

Two weeks ago I caucused. Republican. Utah.

As P and I were waiting in the massive line that night to get checked in (where we were reminded that we weren't registered as Republicans; he, Libertarian, me, independent), P was discussing with a neighbor that he wasn't sure he belonged at this caucus. He explained that as he thought about the issues he wasn't sure he agreed with the Republicans on any of them. Take guns for instance, does he think that people should be allowed to to own assault riffles? No, not at all.

After this sacrilege left P's mouth, the man in front of him (6'4", 280lbs) turned around and looked him up and down. The man was wearing camouflage. On a Thursday evening. At a caucus.

P stood by his moral compass and retained his libertarian voter registration, relegating himself to an "observer." I caved to the peer pressure and signed up.

Then I got chosen/voted to be a delegate to the county convention, where they nominate the republican candidates for county offices. Which in Carbon County, this time around is the nominee for the one open commissioner seat. The interesting thing about Carbon County? Its Democrat. In Utah. So pretty much, it's not gonna matter. The convention is Friday night. Looking forward to some good Carbon County education though, and maybe even some stories to tell.


Marinda said...

hahaha so funny. Phil better watch his back! So, does he support Ron Paul?

Amy said...

I love our Carbon County stories.