Monday, February 6, 2012


So, P and I heard this rumor. From a reliable source. Who sounded sooo surprised that we hadn't heard it.

And then I told Someone. Well, I didn't really tell, I went the, "Have you heard...?" route. Someone hadn't.

A few days later P and I went to dinner with some Friends. P asked, "Have you heard...?"
They hadn't.

P and I were discussing potential consequences of said rumor last night. I said, "it's just a rumor, probably nothing is going to change." I was feeling bad, we we're telling others, when it was really pure gossip. Plus it didn't sound like it was as widespread as I'd thought.

Trying to be supportive he recounted how at church the rumor was mentioned by Neighbor 1, and then Neighbor 2 agreed and had further details. Neighbor 3 denied the truthfulness of this particular gem. So there see, darling wife, you are not the only one.

Um, P? Neighbor 1 is husband of Someone. Neighbor 1 is helping Neighbor 2 with some remodeling. Neighbor 3 works with Friend. Pretty sure I/we are the source we are using to confirm our own gossip.

I think I am going to go back to not talking to anyone.


Hammy said...

I so remember that mormonad...

Elizabeth said...

Not much starts with "did you hear". But did you hear Kalani is a Bishop now. Crazy! Feeling old, seems like we were just watching My SO Called Life in the playroom.

TX Girl said...

Crazy how completely small your little circle is.

We've had awesome ones in our neck of the woods too. It's why women (because they are usually the culprits) always remind me of chickens.