Monday, December 19, 2011

Inner Domestic Goddess Emerges

Apparently, I have one, an inner domestic goddess, that is.

Presents purchased,
cards sent,

neighbor gifts delivered,

nativity painted (with chalkboard paint, chalk detail by N and S, this by a woman who sends her kids to preschool so she doesn't have to do crafts)

Hat (almost) knit

Couch re-upholstered.
And I blogged about it.
I amaze myself.
Now if someone would just feed those kids.

Ok, you knew it was too good to be true. I didn't re-upholster the couch myself, just picking the fabric and arranging to have it done (by Hector, in Provo, if you want details let me know, he was great) took me a year.

Partly because I was looking for something that would blend with this chair. But it's finally DONE!


Hammy said...

Love the chair!!

And yes, you are amazing.

I also love the chalk nativity. Where did you get the pieces? (You didn't cut them out yourself, did you? Cause that would move you into a whole new category of impressiveness.)

John and Jenny said...

I loved your Christmas card! It was so fun to see how much your children have grown. You are so brave to take all of your kids to Prague. John and I went in May and loved it, but figured the kids would have been walked out by the end. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

Jen said...

I always love your blog posts! Thanks for making me smile. Merry Christmas!!!

Mary said...

The couch looks great. Did you end up liking it?

Amy said...

So impressed. I often feel like the only anti-crafter in my peer group. It's good to know that someone else pays other people to reupholster things and to do crafts with kids. Thanks for the validation.

Kathryn said...

No, I did not cut out the nativity. Sheesh...are there people that do that?

And yeah, in the end I lIked the way the couch came out. Wasn't sure until it was in the room, but it adds a lot of warmth and color, which is what I was looking for.