Wednesday, April 14, 2010

India Revisited

A couple of nights ago during that early morning nursing I was flipping channels and there was India, in the form of the reality show Blood, Sweat and T-shirts. I recognized the streets of Delhi from the buses. It was all so familiar, yet so foreign. It was unnerving. In many ways living in India feels like a different life.

Of course the fashionistas that star in the series seemed like spoiled crybabies. But I also recognized their various reactions since I feel like I experienced each of them in turn in the time that I spent there. Confusing. Contradictory. Painful. Exhilarating. A bit much for 3am.


Amy said...

Plus, everything's a little weird during early morning nursing. I remember hearing little tunes in the hum of the refrigerator. (Not to discount your moment of India revisiting.)

a little music said...

After 20 years, I still get that odd feeling of confusion and deja vu whenever I see shows on Jerusalem and Egypt. They always give me this heart rending feeling of longing, and yet this sudden rush of relief that I'm grounded in my comfy recliner or sofa . . . God bless America!!!

I gave your mom my #. I would love to see your baby.

TX Girl said...

I know how long it took me after visiting to think back positively on the experience and I was only there for 6 days.. unlike you that actually had to live there with crazy traveling husband AND kids.

But, I'm sure with a whole lot of distance and some uninterrupted sleep your perspective will change.