Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ode to great friends

Yesterday I found S building this offshore oil rig and underwater robot out of Duplos. He was using the pictures in the book Gaston Builds an Off Shore Oil Rig, by James Rice for specs. This book was a recent going away gift from some great friends in Dallas. Another great going away gift was the ABC photobook of Dallas friends and happenings. We love it.

There really is no way that we would have made it out of Dallas as planned without the help of some amazing friends. Thank you to everyone who watched my boys, helped me pack, helped us move everything to a storage unit, let us stay at your house, fed us, cheered us on, and otherwise rescued us. We will miss you all so much.

There were a number of times in the last week where I marveled at how willing everyone was to help and really wondered at our decision to leave. Great friends like that don't come along in every city. We love you!


Hammy said...

Impressive structure. I think it has great oil producing potential.

Jaclyn said...

Muy impressivo y bienvenido a blogging.

Hammy said...

Justin wanted me to say that your son needs to hire a good consulting engineer to make sure there is oil near the structure.

The Blackburns said...

Do you know any?