Sunday, June 29, 2008

La Ciudad II

We made it to our apartment yesterday afternoon, and so far we love it. I haven't ventured out with the camera yet, so I don't have proof, but the neighborhood is great. This is shaping up to be a lot better than the summer in El Salvador.

There is a lot to do within walking distance some of it will even keep S happy (a great playground, fountain/pond where people gather to drive RC boats). My Dallas boy will have to get used to walking a bit further than he's used to. All those walks to Williams Park should help though. Hopefully the commute won't kill Phil.


Jaclyn said...

Happy Birthday! A nice apartment is a great bday gift.

Tarra said...

Oh, yes Happy Birthday! Is it July already?

So fun to read your blog! It's a great time to do it, so we can keep up with your happenings, travels, and adventures.

Sounds like you're making out OK so far. How is church? How is your spanish coming back to you?