Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free is Good

Day Trip to Arches!

We were happy that the government shutdown didn't materialize and we were able to proceed, as planned, with our national park day trip this past weekend.

We pulled up to the little booth, wallet in hand, only to have the helpful ranger tell us, "National Park Week, free admission." What?

Poor policy? Maybe, but besides being the week before Easter (and national parks being packed with spring breakers) it was also tax weekend and we were feeling a little ill used by Uncle Sam. Free admission helped.

It lasts all the way through the 24th, so visit a national park, and get yours.

1 comment:

TX Girl said...

We made Lulu hike that baby 2 years ago. We inadvertently missed the scenic route.

It does seem a little silly that the week they aren't charging is also packed with spring breakers. Hello-isn't the government in need of some extra money these days.

Now the real question- if there wasn't a "National Park Week" would you still have planned the trip? I know the answer is yes, given that you didn't even know you were getting in for free, so what is the point? Is it generating fuzzy feelings about the parks and your desire to patronize them for giving back?