Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Barter Bar

So, in my rural Utah location there is a call in classifieds radio show. So every morning on one of the local radio stations you can call in and let all the faithful listeners know that you're selling your old tires, or goats, or spinning wheel. Perfect for getting rid of my moving boxes I thought. But here's the thing, it's really hard to get through. People are just burning up the line trying to get the word out on their junk. So, I had to resort to email, which they read on air. Then my line was burning up with people who wanted to come and get my free boxes.
The lucky recipient? My garbage man. Yup. He said, "Oh, I know where you're at I pick up your garbage on Thursday mornings." When he came we had a nice conversation about trash, you know, how my neighbors forget to put out their garbage, or the lady who lived her before me didn't produce much. Turns out that's what living in a small town's like.


Elizabeth said...

I just read your profile comment. After not traveling for a decade we are saving up to go to Paris for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. My travel bug has been kicking into high gear. My favorite trip is still our "backpacking" one. Make your next trip be one out here to stay with us!

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Kim said...

Could you please have Phil email Keith your new address?