Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too Busy

Too busy fighting with the landlord to have time for posting lately. You're lucky (if you, dear reader, are not my mom) that you haven't had to listen to the whole saga. Some (almost) funny highlights:

- The landlord telling us, "Stop threatening not to pay the rent, I really hardly care about the money."
- My yelling at his wife, something about "the house going to burn down." Yeah, counterproductive. I'm blaming the aforementioned culture shock and the long blue sparks coming from the fuse box.
- The landlord, "Your wife yelled at my wife in front of a low class person (electrician)."

On the positive side, we head to the US later this week. Looking forward to seeing friends and family (and avoiding confrontation).


a little music said...

Where are you going to be??? Will you come to Price? If so, can we see you? I would love it so much . . .


The Editor said...

You did WHAT in front of a low class person? A Low Class PERSON? What are you thinking, Kathryn? Now the wife will have to commit a horrible crime against herself to save face, or she'll have to come after you, or she'll have to come back as an armadillo, or who knows what!?

Honestly, you Americans just don't get it! We'll be there soon to teach you just what you may and may not do in front of low class persons. Until then- hang on!

Erin said...

you are a much better woman than i am. i think i would have blazed through 40 prescriptions of xanax by this point. i hope you have a lovely, long summer vacation in the states. how much longer are you going to be in india?